BCC Has TurnedEdit

Vezon walked over to the bar and ordered a milkshake, extra mint. It would need to be strong so he could get thinking. He saw the world best through the bottom of a bendy straw. He looked groggily at Mini-Lewa.

"Any new evidence?"

"Nope," the green menace replied. He was no official private eye, but he had sources, some of which Vezon couldn't even cite in court. As it turns out, Spherus Magna law frowns upon using Kanoka smugglers to testify.

"That's not good. We need some proof that the BCC has gone wrong before we can present it in court."

The barkeep had overheard them and leaned over the ceramic bar, winking conspiratorially and putting a hand to the other corner of his mouth. " 'S said that lotso comedies been reject'd recently," he whispered. Grinning the grin of one who has gotten away with stealing the pudding, he went to serve another customer some root beer.

"That's interesting... I wonder if there's a link between them?"

"Probably," the little green alien replied. "But still, we need hard evidence."

"That," Vezon said, smirking, "I can get."


  • This was rejected by the moderators because bars were not allowed.
  • It was meant to leak clues to Plan W, specifically the original, and if it had continued, likely to Plan !.

Inside JokesEdit

  • Lawyer Vezon is present, as well as Mini-Lewa.
  • It is implied that this takes place in BCC New Atero.

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