The BCCverse is the multiverse where all the events in the BCC occur.

Origins Edit

From the very earliest of times, the BCCverse has existed. iHuntress pioneered this in Randomness as she connected various dimensions and worlds through the portal in her closet. Hannah, the fangirl appearing in the same comedy, also had a portal in her backpack. This multiverse is easily traveled, as it would seem vortexes and such are easily found. It can also be traveled by the means of usage of the Olmak. This travel is casual, and is no way found to be harmful. In fact, many beings from other worlds and dimensions would rather hang out in the same world and dimension, the core of the BCCverse, BCC New Atero.

Known Realms Edit

The BCCverse has many realms to travel to, including but not limited to these worlds.

BCC New Atero (Core of the universe.)

Video Game Realms. (Including the world of Nintendo, SEGA, etc.)

Sci-Fi Realms. (Including Star Wars, Doctor Who, etc.)

Movie Realms. (Including The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.)

Other LEGO realms (HERO FACTORY, Ninjago, etc.)

Parallel Dimensions Edit

Parallel Dimensions are other dimensions that are loosely connected to the multiverse, being that they cannot be traveled into. However, the characters inside these parallel dimension are like that of the BCCverse counterparts, containing the same name and characteristics, though they might act differently and their scenarios are different.

A known Parallel Dimension is that of "The Lord of the Hats".

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