*In the BCC office building*

Vezon: I have handed you each documents detailing the situation.

Me: BIONICLE releasing? PLZ.

Mace: Actually, this photo looks way too good to be fake.

AD: #Hashtag

Mini-Lewa: According to these little drawings that are apparently letters, BIONICLE is scheduled for release soon.

Vezon: *Angry*

M-L: :3

*M-L is tossed out the window*

LQ: So what were you saying?

Vezon: Yes. We are 99% sure that BIONICLE is making a comeback. That's why Greg is shooting down questions with "Not sure," "Possibly," and "Maybe," rather than "Irrelevant, kid." Also, this picture released by a box design company or whatever, not a French toy company.

Gaz: No Vahki?! This can't be legit.

Vezon: Don't worry, I'm getting Greg so we can ask him.

Me: Greg isn't going to just answer.

Vezon: Just you see. *Picks up phone*

GregF: Hello?

Vezon: So, I'd like information about the new BIONICLE line.

GregF: *Minimizes file with the 2017 story* Who is this?

Vezon: .... You seriously wouldn't believe me.

GregF: ?

Vezon: Vezon, attorney at law.


*Disconnect tone*

Vezon: Didn't think that'd work.

Me: ... So...

Vezon: That's why I hired a crack team of mercenaries to recover him! Alive.

Mace: You know that's right!

*Raises a grenade*

Cad Bane: Put that down, you idiot! They want him alive!

Aww, come on. You let Puncha Villa have a grenade!

Cad Bane: Just to take out the security downstairs.

Embo: *Butchered French*

Avak: SHH! Behind that door. *Raises gun and blows door to splinters.*

Greg: *slowly swivels his chair around.* You got me. NOT!

*Alarms blare and Cordak pop out of the walls while Greg Farshtey skydives out the window. Senate Commandos rush in*

Cad Bane: You take the guards, I'll catch the bounty! *Jets after Greg while the others PWN.*

Cad Bane: *Points pistol at Greg* Give up, Writer.

Reidak: *SLAP* Talk!

Greg: I won't say anything.

Vezon: Tell us about 2015!

Greg: GregTrollika


  • This is based on the leaked image of BIONICLE rumored to be released in 2015

Inside JokesEdit

  • Mini-Lewa being tossed out the building is a reference to a well-known meme
    • Mini-Lewa's first line is a reference to America in Hetalia
  • Embo's speaking butchered French is a reference to his actual lines in the Clone Wars, which were mainly mispronounced French words

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