Baka saying hi. Say hi back

Baka is a self-MOC made by Bioniclefanone. He is a Le-Matoran who follows Bioniclfanone's orders always. His first appearance was in the comedy The Adeventurously Adevntures of BAKA(Run for your lives)!!!! He seems to believe that playing with matches is a good idea


Baka first appeared in his series of comedies called The Adeventurously Adventures of Baka(Run for you lives)!!! his series only had the debut episode. In the episode he tricks a group of Dartkhunters by giving them a empty wallet. Baka next apperance was in Someone unliked Biofan's Posts and its sequels. Baka would go on to appear in Bioniclefanone The Animated Series as a main character.  


Baka is essentially Bioniclefanone as a Le-Matoran excpet since Baka is not a human he does no everything Bioniclefanone does. He does not know most human things. For example he thinks Smokey Bear says Only you can cause forest fires. Baka like Bioniclefanone likes to kidnapp people. One of his hobbies is harrasing the local mailman.


  • Notably, Baka's legs seem to be made from 2001-2003 pieces, not counting the feet.

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