Big Writer 6 is a comedy written by Gold on the wiki. It is based off of the Big Hero 6 New York Comic Con Sizzle.

Comedy Edit

*Shows city.*

Announcer: Fighters ready?

Biofan1: *Pulls out remote.*

Random User: *Pulls out remote.*

Announcer: Two bots bot leaves.

BF1's Robot: *Face changes.*

RU's Robot: *Throws BF1's robot across room.*

BF1's Robot: *Crushes head of larger robot.*

RU: O_O...

BF1: *Makes cracking sound with head.*

BCC Presents...

E-Gold: *Is being lifted by nanobots.*

A movie that will not come out in theaters...

E-Gold: *Raises hand.*

Nanobots: *Shoot from ground.*

Reporter: Reports are coming in about a major catastrophe.

E-Gold: *Is chasing van.*

Mace: *Steps on brakes hard, causing van to slide.*

SW: We're under attack by a super villain! How cool is-*Face slams against window.*

Mini-Lewa: I would like to help.

E-Gold: *Causes cloud of nanobots to rise.*

BF1: Mini-Lewa...*Grabs Mini-Lewa's hand and runs.*

M-L: I am not fast.

BF1: NO KIDDING! *Falls out window as scene changes.*

M-L: *Grabs BF1 and bounces off slanted roof.*

Chat Mod: *Watches M-L due to scene changing again.*

M-L: *Grabs piece of tape and puts it on arm.*

Chat Mod: *Slides tape to M-L.*

M-L: *Applies final piece of tape to arm.*

BF1: *Scene changes.* My brother built Mini-Lewa to help people.

M-L: Hello!

Me: *Is seen on screen.* IT WORKS! This is amazing!

M-L: Have a lollipop! *Hands Biofan1 lollipop that he got due to scene changing...again.*

BF1: Sweet!

Mace: We can't go against that guy! We're writers!

Typhoid: *Causes balloon to pop, releasing pink gas.*

BF1: We can be way more. *As scene changes, BF1 can be seen designing weapons.*

Ayra: Why is Mini-Lewa wearing carbon fiber underpants?

BF1: *Puts armor on M-L.*

M-L: This may undermine my friendly, hugable design.

Arya: *Shoots laser at SW, who's wearing a monster costume.*

Mace: Anyone else's suit riding up on them?

BF1: *Is riding on flying Mini-Lewa as scene changes.* YE-YEAH!

Typhoid: *Breaks out of pink dome.* Let's do this!

SW: *Jumps and falls.* GRAVITY CRUS-

Nanobots: *Punch SW away from E-Gold.*

SW: I'm faaaaaaalllllllliiiiiiiiing!

BF1: *Tries to push M-L out window, only to fail when the window spins.*

M-L: *Calmly walks down street with traffic.*

BF1: Mini-Lewa can handle that guy!

E-Gold: *Puts hand in front of him.*

M-L: *Is flying and connects fist to arm.* *Scene changes.* Hello!

BF1: Oooooh no, focus, buddy.

Nanobots: *Are being destroyed by pink explosion.*

Typhoid: Coming through!

Writers: *Start running heroically as Mini-Lewa's jetpack activates.*

Mace: *Slicing things with laser cutters.* WOO!

Arya: HEADS UP! *Throws disk.*


M-L: *Activates full thrust.*

BF1: Too much thrust, too much thrust!

M-L: *Deactivates thrust entirely and begins falling.*

BF1: Back on, back on, BACK ON!

M-L: Oh dear...



Ayra: Nice view.

Mace: Yeah, if I wasn't terrified of heights, I'd probably love this! But I'm terrified of heights, so I don't love it!

Inside Jokes Edit

  • This comedy is based on the video below:
  • Big Hero 6 New York Comic Con Sizzle01:54

    Big Hero 6 New York Comic Con Sizzle

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