Butterfest is an all-year celebration every year of the consumption of butter.

Etymology Edit

Butter, as in the cow milk gone churned, and fest as in festival, that thing where people party.

History Edit

Butterfest was a festival made to celebrate the butter quesadilla. Butterfest promotes the healthiness of fats and how they can benefit you psychologically and bodily. Butterfest also promotes farmers, and buying their products.

Celebrating Edit

Butterfest is traditionally accompanied by a specific Butterfest song, while dancing and yelling the "Butterfest!" or "Yaa-haaa-ha!". Yet the purest fashion to celebrate Butterfest is to simply eat butter happily, whether that be in a quesadilla or on a cardboard sign. Some people even eat whole sticks of butter. The point is, so long as you bring something buttery into the party, the songs and dances will feel so much better.

Songs Edit

El Jarabe Tapatio

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