The rules for chat on the BIONICLE Comedy Central*

  1. Most swearing and other foul language is not allowed. Words not in the "permitted words" link below may be used if fully censored out with asterisks. (*)
  1. No suggestive chat is permitted. Including sexual or pornographic references, other bodily actions that may make people uncomfortable, or overly gory and gross references.
  2. No personal attacks are allowed, nor any comments in general that are meant to hurt the receiver or anyone else , or just any rude comments in general.** (Though joking around is fine, so long as it’s in good nature.)
  3. Discussion about topics like religion, politics, etc. is allowed. However, if the conversation turns nasty, the participants will be asked to stop. Remember that if someone does not believe the same thing you do, he is not insulting you, but just stating their beliefs that happen to be different than yours.
  4. Chat mods and Admins are expected to be treated with proper respect and their warnings taken seriously. These members are not here to be burdens, but to keep things running smoothly.
  5. Any attempts to use duplicate accounts to get around bans, blocks, etc. are not allowed and could result in prolonging said ban, block, etc. Normal duplicate accounts will be banned if not used in good nature.*** 
  6. If a user notifies a staff member that rules have been broken in a PM they were in, providing proper evidence; those actions will be accounted for as if they happened in public chat. Otherwise these rules do not apply.

*The BIONICLE Comedy Central Wiki staff reserves any and all rights to alter these rules at any time, as well as remove any content they see unfit for this wiki.

**This will be determined by the staff and/or recipient of the comment.

*** "Good nature" will be determined by the staff.

Dupe account guidelines*

Dupe accounts will be allowed under the following conditions.

  1. They are registered with a staff member with both accounts confessing who owns the dupe.
  2. They are used in good nature. ***
  3. They are not spammed. (Using two many dupes will not be allowed)

All members of staff hold the right to know who holds the dupe account. Any action on either account will affect both. If a dupe gets in trouble, it will be held towards both itself and the main account and viceversa. However, staff does not hold the right to public exclaim who holds the dupe account without permission of the holder.