Gold: Master Hacker(?) is a comedy goldeaglefire wrote on the wiki.

Comedy Edit

Me: *Walks in.*

SW: Hey Gold! Want to come play Mario Party 9 with us? *Gestures to Writers playing Mario Party 9.*

Me: Nah...I have something I want to do right now...

SW: Which is...


SW: ...Ooooook then...

~20 Minutes Later...~

Me: *Walks into main room while slamming door.* DARN IT! Guys, I need your help!

SW: What is it?

Mace: Did you run into some virus?

AD: Did Genesect steal your computer?

Me: NO! It's...ugh, see, for WHATEVER reason, when I'm trying to read, instead of taking me to the normal format, it takes me to the WRITERS format! Meaning I can't read any fanfics without risking changing something up!

Writers: *Are silent.*

SW: So...what you're saying is that you hacked into this website to give you complete control of whatever story you're reading...without even TRYING?

Me: Well, not intentionally, not to mention I don't want to edit anything, but...yes...

Writers: *Silent.*

Me: Well? Are you guys going to help me or what?

SW: Hmm...before we fix your little problem, maybe you could hack into the LMBs and make the Mods confess their crim-

Me: Uh, no? Now then, who here is going to help m-

Mace: Can you...hack into Nashtron Wiki and make them report themselves to Community Central fir-

Me: NO. Now then, please tell me one of you has a request NOT related to hackin-

Mini-Lewa: Can you hack into this game a give me a million stars so that I can wi-

Me: HECK NO! Okay, do ANY of you want to help me, or do you have a request related to hacking?

Writers: *Silent.*

Me: GAH! Fine. I'll have to fix this the old fashioned way...*Starts to walk back into room.*

AD: What's the old fashioned way?

Me: Simple: try every trick in the book and wait for one to work! *Slams door.*

Inside Jokes Edit

  • Gold based this off an annoyance he was currently working through, as dem

onstrated with these pictures:


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