Kadihi is an Onu-Matoran and a self-proclaimed "Konspiracy Theorist" (attempts to modify his spelling have been fruitless thus far). He is suspicious of all going-ons in the BIONICLE Universe and claims to have an answer for everything that happens within it.

Origins: Edit

Not much is known about Kadihi's origins, He has never before featured in any BIONICLE Comedy Central comedies on the Message Boards, leaving his origins unknown (for now). After Makuta's Defeat and the re-forming of Spherus Magna (we think ... we're not sure), Kadihi lived on Spherus Magna and started his show to explain all of the going-ons in the BIONICLE Universe. He met Toa Chris and tried to convince him of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Matoran Universe. Toa Chris played along with the poor confused Matoran until he admitted that Kadihi was being completely ridiculous. To this day, Kadihi continues the BCC Conspiracy Show and attempts to convince Toa Chris of his theories.

Appearances: Edit

Kadihi appears in the following BIONICLE Comedy Central Videos:

Trivia: Edit

  • If you are on the BCC Chat and you type (kadihi), (conspiracy), or (konspiracy), the result will be an emoticon of Kadihi.
  • Kadihi uses the orange version of Turaga Onewa's mask from the BIONICLE 2001 wave of sets.
  • In the first two episodes of the Conspiracy Show, Kadihi has a 2001 Matoran "McToran" body. In the later episodes, Kadihi has a Voya Nui Matoran "Voyatoran" build.
  • Kadihi is currently planning to launch the #TakeBackForEarth campaign to raise awareness of Matoran Racism
  • Kadihi has his own Wiki Page - The United Minions of Kadihi
  • You have adequate reason to doubt everything on this page because it could possibly be a konspiracy.


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