Larry the Laptop is a living laptop whom the Writers use and associate with.


Larry made his first appearance in Gazpacho's first comedies, in which all his technology came alive. Larry was one of these objects that came to life. However, though Gaz created Larry, it was disputed if SDR or Gaz had the "rights" to this character.


Larry appeared in a few comedies, but his most prominent role was when he starred in The Misadvenures of the BCC crew as one of the core three members.

Larry is a useful asset, as people can look things up on him, or his communication with other technological devices can be key. However, one downside to Larry is that he can be hacked, though it has come to be useful for villains such as The Butler to transmit messages.


The Misadventures of the BCC crew


Gaz's old laptop whom he gave the name to Larry to is out of commission.

Malurus named his laptop Larry.

Larry the Laptop does not want to be confused with Larry the Cucumber.

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