Mini Lewa is a miniature version of Toa Lewa. He is known for being mischievous, annoying, and slightly clueless.


Mini Lewa's exact origin can be debated.

According to Return of the writers, he  was made in a scientifical attempt by LQ1998 and Lewa to clone Toa to deal with the decreasing number of them. However, the experiment failed and the Lewa clone came out much smaller and more evil than the original. The clone took the name Mini Lewa and escaped the lab, setting out on a mission to carve his face in the earth.

However according to Mini Lewa's tale, he was originally a puppet made alive by a Kestora fairy from the red star. Afterwards he journeyed through the Koros of Mata Nui looking for where he belonged.

The original comedy with Mini-Lewa simply has LQ introduce him one day.


  • Return of the writers
  • Adventure of the writers
  • Comedy Been Made
  • BCC New Atero
  • Adventure of the other Writers


He was created by the writer LQ1998 first appearing the in Mini Lewa.


  • There is currently a user named Mini Lewa on the wiki. Whom he is controlled by is a mystery.
  • Junior743 has created another version of Mini Lewa called Tiny Sidorak.