Mini Lewa was the first comedy created by LQ1998. This was the first comedy to feature the character Mini Lewa, who appeared in numerous comedies after.

Original ComedyEdit

Here is my first random comedy bit!

Lewa; Let me introduce you all to mini Lewa! -Holds up Lewa ventriloquist's dummy-

Mini Lewa; Hello peoples!

Tahu; . . . . .

Lewa; Tahu don't be rude!

Tahu; Um, hello.

Mini Lewa; - hold out hand-

Tahu; - Awkwardly shakes hand-

Mini Lewa; -Flips Tahu-

Tahu; You little . . .

Mini Lewa; -Jumps off Lewa's hand and runs in to the sun set- Freedom!!

To be continued.


  • This was LQ1998's first ever comedy
  • Though Mini Lewa is seemingly a puppet in this comedy, in future comedies he would appear to be more of a biomechanical life form.