Mini Lewa: *enters the BCC* Guys I have seen the light! Malurus: What? ML: God spoke to me last night and made me a prophet! LQ: .... ML: He told me he will destroy the BCC unless you build a giant statue of Charles Dickens. *nameless starts to build* (the next day) SW: Nameless hasn't gotten anywhere with that statue. Keps: Does Mini Lewa really think we're going to help? ML: *walks in* Fear not heathens! LQ: We were never fearing. ML: God told me he has heard your cries of mercy and will give you more time! Malurus: We never cried for mercy. ML: God said he will give you three more days to try and not be destroyed! (3 days later) LQ: so Mini Lewa, why are still alive? ML: I realized that I had to divide the number of chapters in Revelation by the total number of times Justin Bieber has been escorted off property by the police and multiply it by the number of times the president plays golf everyday. It was a lot of math. SW:... And? ML: Then God told me you would have one more day. *the next day* ML: God told me you're lucky,he doesn't have time to destroy you today because he's going to his cousin's wedding. LQ: Mini Lewa, what does God look like when he talk to you? ML: He has a bright red face and horns. Sometimes he carries a pitchfork. THE END

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