One day at the Piraka Stronghold

  • In the Avak's room* Avak:*drawing designs for new weapons* Do I wanna make a nunchuck-gun, a net-gun, and a chainsaw-gun?
  • in the living room Vezok & Reidak are sitting on a leather couch Hakkan is on the armchair watching TV when the door bell rings*

Vezok:Answer the door!

Reidak:You get it! I got it last time!

  • door bell rings again*

Vezok:*gets up*Fine then!*heads over to the front*

Zaktan:Hah got his seat!*sits down on the couch right by Reidak*

Vezok:*opens the front door and sees Dalu* What do you want?!

Dalu:*right behind her is a wagon with boxes of* Ga-Matoran Scout Cookies! You wanna buy some?

Vezok: What's the Ga-Matoran Scout motto?

Dalu: Give'em the money, before you give them the cookies....So you wanna buy some?

Vezok: If I buy some will you go away?

Dalu:Yep 10 widgets per box...we have alot of flavors...

Vezok:All righty then!*gets out his wallet and buys 600 boxes of cookies*

Dalu: Thank you!*leaves with the wagon almost empty*

  • Later Vezok brought all the cookie boxes inside*

Zaktan: You've spent 6,000 widgets on cookies?!?!?!?!!?

Vezok:Yeah so what?

Hakkan,Reidak,Avak, & Thok: *notice* Yay cookies!!

Zaktan:You got these off a Ga-Matoran Scout....well... They have really good cookies!! That was money well spent!

  • door bell rings*

Vezok:Not again!*goes to the front door and answers standing there is Kazi*What do you want?

Kazi: Buy an encyclopedia sir?

Vezok: *knocks encyclopedia out of Kazi's hands*

Kazi: Waah! I want my Matoran Resistance! *runs away*

*Matoran Resistance comes to attack, except for Kazi, who's curled up in the fetal position inside a cave*

Dalu: Hey! Don't attack them! They bought my cookies!

Balta: Be quiet. *knocks Dalu over*

Garan: *blows up Piraka Stronghold*

Balta, Piruk, and Velika: Ooh! Pretty lights!

Zaktan: Hey! What happened to the cookies?

Vezok: Why would I want an encyclopedia?

Kazi: To learn more and get smart?

Vezok: I'M ALREADY SMART! Watch! 2+2=5!

Kazi:...Sir, I recommend this book immediatley.

Vezok: Fine, how much?

Kazi: 10 widgets per volume.

Vezok: Okay! Zaktan told me to save money, so I will buy all but one. How many are there?

Kazi: 601.

Vezok: Okay! *buys all but one*


Zaktan: You spent 12,000 widgets in one day.

Vezok: Yup.

Zaktan: WHY?!?!?!

Vezok: It was a Christmas present present for Reidak. *whisper* He needs it.

Reidak: *smashing remote on his head*

Thok: Stop changing the channel, you idiot!

Zaktan: Fine. But if Reidak doesn't use it, I will throw you out of an open window.


Vezok: Here you go, Reidak!

Reidak: Yay! *opens present* Aw! I hate reading! *eats encyclopedias*

Zaktan:...Hakann, open a window on the 20th floor. Vezok, follow me.

Trivia Edit

This was written by TOADRAGON610, 6sharkdude andLego_Star-Wars-Super_Jedi,

This was written on 1-7-11, 1-18-11 and 2-10-11

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