Part 1Edit

SDR: We've been wronged.

TJK: We're in MB heaven.

iHunt: Is there a reason all our names have been shortened?

Pikmin: So the lesser beings can read this without being bogged down by stuff like



iHunt: I call aluminum bat.

Karunax: So the invasion's going well.

Inharax: Yep! We'll have conquered all the universe in a week or so— *Storm of rocks hits him*

Jellica: Total. Accident. *Points at Voidarix* HE DID IT! *runs away*

Inharax: He dies.

Mrme: No one remembers me.

TJK: I feel that, despite all this, we've forgotten a few people.

Mrme: Someone please love me.

TJK: How weird.

Inside JokesEdit

  • The roleplay scene is a reference to events within the Makuta HQ.
  • Mrme's loneliness is a reference to his not often being remembered by other Writers and only pulled in when needed, due to his long periods of inactivity.
  • SDR said "we've been wronged." This is a reference to the BCC's locking.

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