Here's a script ideo for Mal to consider, A.K.A. Mal, here's my Resume. :P

Clash of the Tahu's


Tahu 2001

Tahu 2015



Tahu 2001: *walks away from his canister* *whistling pleasant tune*

Tahu 2015: Hi.

Tahu 2001: What da! Who are you!

Tahu 2015: Tahu

Tahu 2001: but I'm Tahu

Tahu 2015: oh I forgot.

Tahu 2001: see?! you're not Tahu

Vezon: yes he is.

Tahu 2001: shut up!

Vezon: no.

Tahu 2015: Guys, guys, there's no need to fight, I'm obviously Tahu.

Tahu 2001: but I'M Tahu.

Vezon: *sigh* ok, lets just check your packaging.

Tahu 2015: *drags over his box*

Tahu 2001: drags over his canister

Vezon: see? you're both Tahu.

Tahu 2001: then how do we tell each other apart?

Tahu 2015: well, since I'm the more OP one....

  • Tahu 2001 and Tahu 2015 keep arguing*

Vezon: *sigh* solve one problum, make another, wel, I'm out of here! * activates his Kanohi Olmak and jumps through a dementional portal*

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