The Stupid Rejection Reason Tornament is a competition that shall be held in dishonor of the moderators of the LMBs. Each user shall submit a rejection reason that is downright stupid and foolish. Thee noble rules shall be as follows:

  1. Anyone from the BCCW may enter the Stupid Rejection Reason tournament.
  2. Only actual Rejection Reasons are allowed. You can't make anything up.
  3. You may not submit anything whereupon the rejection reason shall be justified.
  4. If you do submit a reason you encountered that seems justified, feel free to take a moment and explain why it isn't. An example would be someone's post being rejected for being offensive to the British, when they are British.
  5. You may submit no more than three Stupid Rejection Reasons.
  6. In the end, everyone will have four votes to distribute through their favorates. You can only vote once per stupid reason.
  7. They shall be found in the following format:

Entry #, Submitted by [username]

Post: [post] (Bold part specified for rejection reason)

Rejection Reason: [rejection reason]

Explanation: [explanation]


Entry 1, Submitted by Alienduck


  • He hears her footsteps, and moves the tentacles of shadow he made in his previous response to Tahriak backwards, blocking the hammer with tendrils of shadow, and giving Nadika the feeling of choking (without explanation, which basically means she would assume he has some force-choke power, expecially considering how he's wearing a never-before seen kanohi and nobody in the MU was ever shown to be proficient in identifying Kanohi save Miserix, who's a Makuta, just getting that out there) as a distraction for him to leap away on wings of shadow*

Rejection Reason: Your post is considered inappropriate. Choking is excessively violent for LMBs. Please review the community guidelines for more information.

Explanation: This seems all well and justified, until you realise that he's not actually choking her, he is making her think she's choking, and not even physically doing it. Hasn't Star Wars RP featured Force Chokes for it's entirety? Heck, even LEGO Star Wars has Force Chokes, and you can use them to kill people

Entry 2, Submitted by goldeaglefire

Post: OOC: Well then, since Ajtazt is active again... 

IC: *Suddenly, Zakaku appears. But with one key difference: he now has what appear to be mechanical wings, which he happens to be using to hover above the ground.*

"Sorry I'm late for the party. I had...buisness to deal with."

"Oh, hey boss."

"Alright, what's my position?"

"We're supposed to destroy these construction drones!"

*Energy cannons flip out of the shoulders of Zakaku's suit.*

"My pleasure."

*With that, N.E.I.N.G. and Zakaku begin destroying the construction drones, N.E.I.N.G. using brute savagery, and Zakaku with his energy cannons.*

Rejection Reason: Your post is considered inappropriate. Please find another phrase instead of "brute savagery" - thank you :)

Explanation: I've described N.E.I.N.G. as savage before, and worse...why is using "brute savagery" to describe N.E.I.N.G. suddenly inappropiate?

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