This comedy was obviously written by Herobrine. Mu haw haw haw. Editing regulations= Bla

Baka: I am annoyance, I am the moon light I am BatBaka!

Biofan1: Guys I just ate 3 Everlasting Gobbstoppers. I must have superhuman powahs!

Karkon: I already told you they aren't actually everlasting! -_-

Biofan1: -_- Karkon its called a Everlasting Gobbstopper for a reason.

Karkon: (facewall)

Biofan1: Lets go bounce in the bouncey house!

Karkon: Your 16 you can't bounce in a bouncey house!

Everyone but Karkon runs to the bouncey house.

Karkon: Why do I even try?

Karkon goes in the bouncey house


Rakoro pushes a little girl out of his way.


Baka: Wheeeeeeeeee

Biofan1: This is so mature!

Karkon: *sarcastic* Yeah were jumping. *Barely jumps*

Biofan1: This is what popular kids do!

Fakoro: I haz no shoes to take off so I can't go in! :(

Biofan1: This is how you get a girlfriend! Everyone meets their sweetheart in bouncey houses!

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