Mini-Lewa: *Walks into room.* Hey guys! What's up? :D

Me: Meh, nothing much. Just playing Five Nights at Fredd-

SW: OH GOOD LORD KILLER BUNNYYYYYYYYYYY! *Presses button on console.*

Me: ...We're playing Five Nights at Freddy's to see how scared we get.

M-L: OK then. Hmm, say...maybe I should play that later...

Me: I shall prepare myself for screams of terror in the middle of the night. Now then, I'm going to see how Keps is farin-

Keps: *Walks out of gaming room.* I used my founder power to veto further playing of Five Nights at Freddy's.

For now...

Keps: Nameless Text, how did you get here?

IDK. Ask the security guard.

Mini-Lewa-Mobile: *Is snoring (somehow) while wearing a large security guard outfit.*

Keps: ...Ignoring that.

Agreed. So...

Me: So what? ever wonder about this Nuvaverse?

Mace: *Pokes head out of room.* Yeah. I wonder how many of the old terms are used in the Nuvaverse,

Yeah, interesting question. But...I just thought of something...what if there's Nuvaverse versions of US? The BCC characters?

M-L: BAH! No way! And if an alternate version of me DID exist, he would have gotten to this universe by no-

Portal: *Opens.*

???: YES! Genese-I mean, MY invention worked! *hops out of portal.*

Mace: ...what...

SW: This had better be a hallucination from playing that awful game...

Me: Please tell me I'm seeing double, please tell me I'm seeing double...

M-L: Oh, you're not seeing're seeing AWESOME!

???: Ha! Nice one!

Me: ...Aaaaaand that just confirmed our nightmares, because the only one who'd think Mini-Lewa's puns are good is-

???: HIMSELF! Yup, that's right, I AM MINI-LEWA! From another universe!

Mace: Please tell me you're only here for another ten seconds...

M-L from Other Dimension: Nope! I tried to open a portal to here so I can STAY here! I mean, seriously, YOU guys try to deal with Princess WA-lestia!

Me: ...Did you just say...

M-L from Other Dimension: Yup. The head Mod as she's officially known, Princess WA-lestia. We just call her WA for short.

Me: Um...*Sudden crash cuts off what Gold's about to say.*

SW: Don't worry! That was just BioFan1 fainting after he heard do we call you?

M-L from Other Dimension: You can call me Nu-Mini-Lewa!

Me: ...OK then...let us prepare for the apocalypse now...

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