The Rahi, sometimes referred to as The Gentleman Rahi, is a creature whom is a British bloke and is a reader of fine literature.

Origin Edit

The Rahi was first depicted in BCC comedies by Keplers. Commonly known to hang around the scheming Great Being Velika, the Rahi often found himself in less than favorable scenarios. However, a crumpet and tea would get his spirits high as he recites literature or does something else British-y. Making memorable few appearances, he came into the comedies later on in the BCC, often only within Kepler's comedies.

The Rahi also follows the Writers without Velika, so as to escape torture and such. He doesn't so much as mind to continue following them, as he believes a story is created by every adventure... Weird, right?

Trivia Edit

The Rahi is known by two famous lines, "This chafes" and "It's... LITERATURE...".

The Rahi, like any gentleman, can receive much torture without saying much about it.