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  • I live in every location in this universe.
  • My occupation is illegal Togepi hustler.
  • I am semiomnipotent.
  • Alienduck

    So, I am thinking of starting up a new kind of BIONICLE RP known as BIONICLE RP HARDCORE. BIORP HARDCORE would mostly function as a version of RP without the Power Creep or intrusive RP rules. There would be several differences between BIONICLE RP (and normal RP) and BIONICLE RP HARDCORE:

    • All characters and weapons need approximations of their abilties. And no, comparisons to something else will not work.
    • Try to give approxamations of size and location that are logical.
    • To undo some of the power creep imposed in BIONICLE RP, the following changes to the banlist are made:
      • The Great Faxon is banned, as it allows the character to gain a variety of powers. In normal BIONICLE RP, it doesn't cause too much problems, but BIONICLE RP HARDCORE is toned…
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  • Alienduck

    There has been several leaks of supposed BIONICLE 2015 images. Is it legit? 

    1.  We have seen a convincing leaked photo in full-color.
    2. Greg Farshtey has refused to make a comment on the possibility of BIONICLE Returning in 2015. Normally, he may have just said "No." etc.
    3. The BIONICLE Forum remained open for a rather long amount of time...
    4. Wookie gunship launchers.

    1. The photo provided may have easily been faked. Not only is there a disproportionate ratio of "good guys" to "bad guys," but it is in a rather poor quality, even with the full image. Just look at this  and tell me I'm wrong. There's a giant dent... OVER the supposed containers for the sets. The containers which are, by the way, completely two-dimensional. This is a pretty large piece of e…

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  • Alienduck

    Why God is Lowercase!

    June 21, 2014 by Alienduck

    "The reason God is forced into lowercase was actually done based on complaints from Christians that the use of god with capital G in "Oh my God" was offensive." -Mods

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  • Alienduck

    Competitive Pokemon battling is a real sport. Soccer is not a real sport. 

    Now that we have established what reality is, let's talk about Competitive Pokemon battling in comparison with this site. 

    You see, at first, Competitive Pokemon was held by two sites: Smogon and Pokemon Online. Smogon was some giant community with this really developed culture I don't give a ban about. They had this tiering system, either something is allowed or banned. The sim they used is called Pokemon Showdown, and it basically is the second giltchiest sim in existance. Then there's Pokemon Online, which has the same rules as Smogon, only it doesn't work on my computer more. 

    There's in-game Wi-Fi battles, but they ban literally all event legendaries just to make …

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