There has been several leaks of supposed BIONICLE 2015 images. Is it legit? 

Reasons For:

  1.  We have seen a convincing leaked photo in full-color.
  2. Greg Farshtey has refused to make a comment on the possibility of BIONICLE Returning in 2015. Normally, he may have just said "No." etc.
  3. The BIONICLE Forum remained open for a rather long amount of time...
  4. Wookie gunship launchers.

Reasons Against:

  1. The photo provided may have easily been faked. Not only is there a disproportionate ratio of "good guys" to "bad guys," but it is in a rather poor quality, even with the full image. Just look at this  and tell me I'm wrong. There's a giant dent... OVER the supposed containers for the sets. The containers which are, by the way, completely two-dimensional. This is a pretty large piece of evidence, and it potentially debunks the main point of the reasons for it being real.
  2. WA's post about BIONICLE coming back rumors being false.
  3. BZP still hasn't made a news article about it. Just saying. (UPDATE: They have made a response to it, basically saying it's 100% confirmed. Good, make yourselves troll fodder)
  4. It was not revealed at San-Deigo Comic Con.
  5. The images are really blurry. The wookie launchers could be fake.

Thought-Provoking Evidence:

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