Bionicle fanatic

aka Gamey old mutton

  • I live in Just outside east northumberland.
  • I was born on December 31
  • My occupation is Breeding dogs. (insert Welsh accent here)
  • I am a turnip.
  • Bionicle fanatic

    Hi Botven,
    Now that you've had some time to cool down, we'd like to extend you the following offer:
    Because you're such a long standing member of the community and because all of your previous behaviour was great and you were a very valuable community member, we are prepared to let you come back. Obviously, this return, if you would like it, comes with certain stipulations. They are:
    - The main and most important thing is that you discuss things respectfully. We totally get that you've been upset but that doesn't excuse the abuse we received and we are sure you know that because we know you're a nice guy.
    - Despite the fact that we know you don't like it, we won't re-open the BCC. We do however extend the offer to continue to allow the BCC2, w…

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