I'm going to use this blog to comment on Brickfilming and give advice not only for us, but for anyone in the Brickfilming community.

So before we start, let's get some basic details hashed out.

What is a brickfilm?

A Brickfilm is a video involving and/or about Lego. Basic, simple, and easy. Problem is, unless you work at Lego or have the necessary copyrights and software, you'll have a hard time sticking a camera in front of your bricks and expecting a Dylan Woodley vid.

What's the best way to make a Brickfilm? There are a few different approaches - one I call "live action" and the other better known as "stopmotion".

A live action brickfilm is filmed in real time. All the movement happens with your hands, other bricks, string, etc. In reality, you do all the movement. This is the easiest way to make a Brickfilm. A good example is this music video for "Everything Is Awesome". The advantage to live-action Brickfilming is that it is super easy to film, but movement is extremely limited.

A stopmotion brickfilm is a form of animation. Animation is basically taking something that doesn't move or act and making it look like it does. I don't want to tangent too far, but it's best to explain here how all video actually works.

Anytime you take video of something, you are actually taking a gajillion different individual pictures of what you are trying to get video of. Each picture captures a moment, and scrolling through all of those pictures very quickly tricks your brain into thinking that whatever is on camera is moving. More technically, each individual picture is referred to as a frame. Stopmotion is taking this video process and filming each frame individually. This process takes a long time to complete, but if done well, looks amazing and offers more opportunities than live action. An example of stopmotion is my version of "The Weekend Whip" (although looking at it now, it's not an example of good stopmotion ...)

So there you go. As life goes on, I'll add more posts about Brickfilming techniques, tips, and etc. It'll be random stuff, so stay tuned for more tips. And as always, feel free to ask me for advice anytime.

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