Doctor Victor Von Doom

aka Vez

  • I live in Don'tGoThere River in southern Forgotthatistan
  • I was born on May 17
  • My occupation is Author, Guitarist, Evil Genius, Fale
  • I am a Nopefish
  • Doctor Victor Von Doom

    Chapter 4:

    Ekimu backed away, hammer ready, from the doorway there stepped - or crawled rather - something out of a villager’s dreams after he‘d eaten too much Scorpio meat. It had 6 legs, with a claw at the edge of each, 8 bulbous eyes stared out from it’s hideous face, while mandibles that dripped with venom moved grotesquely. With a snarling roar the monster leaped at Ekimu, who leaped aside just before the creature landed. when it died it turned rapidly, using two of its limbs to weave a net out of a whitish substance that came from it’s rear. when it finished (which took only a few seconds) making the net it threw it on Ekimu with a terrible speed. The substance was sticky, and was strong beyond anything Ekimu had seen before. While st…

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  • Doctor Victor Von Doom

    Chapter 3:

    Inside the fence was just jungle, as Ekimu had first seen, so he walked on. After an hour or so he saw a building through the trees. He kept going until he came out into a clearing, in the middle sat a large factory, but it was dormant. Ekimu stepped up to the front door, and once again he saw Makuta’s symbol, but this time it was scratched out as with huge claws. He looked about, there were signs of a struggle all around, the grass was dead, single claw marks covered the ground, and there were bloodstains all over. Ekimu, turned back to the door, pressed his ear against it, and listened. He heard nothing for a moment, but soon he heard what he expected, the sounds of some huge creature behind the door.

    “Oh brother,” said Ekimu “w…

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  • Doctor Victor Von Doom

    Chapter 2:

    Ekimu left soon after, going in  the direction the ship was heading when he last saw it. Makuta stayed in the city, making masks, and trying to find Ekimu’s secret. The Protectors however, began classes, teaching the villagers how to fight, for their defencelessness when the Skull Spiders attacked was alarming, and they needed to be able to defend themselves.

    Ekimu was in the middle of a vast ocean, sitting inside a small boat he had made for the trip. He looked around, he had been traveling for days and Okoto was lost to view completely, and all he could see was water in every direction. should have brought Gali with me, but it’s too late for that now he thought. After days more of traveling he began wondering if he was moving at a…

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  • Doctor Victor Von Doom

    Chapter 1:

    Ekimu stood, hammer in hand, gazing out at the wondrous city that he lived in. He was in the doorway of his forge and had just finished a good days work in making masks. Makuta was still inside, tinkering with some mast or other, comparing his with ones that Ekimu had made, looking for flaws in his work, trying to find out why his were loved less than Ekimu’s. Ekimu smiled at the thought, little did Makuta know that the secret lay in the Mask of Creation he wore, Makuta wearing the Mask of Control therefor could not hope to compete. Makuta had tried many times to use his mask to control the villagers, trying to make them love his masks. but all he could succeed in was ending up with mindless slaves. so he released them and tried …

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