Chapter 2:

Ekimu left soon after, going in  the direction the ship was heading when he last saw it. Makuta stayed in the city, making masks, and trying to find Ekimu’s secret. The Protectors however, began classes, teaching the villagers how to fight, for their defencelessness when the Skull Spiders attacked was alarming, and they needed to be able to defend themselves.

Ekimu was in the middle of a vast ocean, sitting inside a small boat he had made for the trip. He looked around, he had been traveling for days and Okoto was lost to view completely, and all he could see was water in every direction. should have brought Gali with me, but it’s too late for that now he thought. After days more of traveling he began wondering if he was moving at all. He was getting ready to give up when a storm struck, it raged with such a ferocity that Ekimu’s little boat was nearly smashed to splinters by the tremendous waves. Should have brought Gali AND Lewa he thought as a wave the size of Okoto crashed down upon him. The Ship capsized and Ekimu was thrown into the sea. He sank to the bottom, unable to swim. He felt his lungs fill with water, then he blacked out and knew no more.

Ekimu awoke on the shores of a strange island. He lifted his head, coughing and spluttering. When he was able to breathe again he looked around, he was on a sandy beach, with a lush jungle nearby. He stood up, brushing sand off his mask and started walking into the jungle, looking for something to eat, for he was weak with hunger. He soons found a Madu Fruit tree. He ate a few of the delicious fruits as his meal, though it was hardly enough. He moved on after he was done eating, hoping to find some clue as to where he was. Before long he came across a chain link fence, and on a big sign in the middle of the gate was Makuta’s symbol. Ekimu frowned, inside the fence was just more jungle, but he was suspicious now. He pulled out his hammer and smashed a portion of the fence down, then went forward to see what his brother was up to.

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