Chapter 3:

Inside the fence was just jungle, as Ekimu had first seen, so he walked on. After an hour or so he saw a building through the trees. He kept going until he came out into a clearing, in the middle sat a large factory, but it was dormant. Ekimu stepped up to the front door, and once again he saw Makuta’s symbol, but this time it was scratched out as with huge claws. He looked about, there were signs of a struggle all around, the grass was dead, single claw marks covered the ground, and there were bloodstains all over. Ekimu, turned back to the door, pressed his ear against it, and listened. He heard nothing for a moment, but soon he heard what he expected, the sounds of some huge creature behind the door.

“Oh brother,” said Ekimu “what have you done?”He instantly regretted the voicing of what he felt, for apparently the creature behind the door heard him, and started bashing against the door. Ekimu backed away, hammer in hand, the monster had made a giant dent in the door, and it was only a matter of time before it gave way. WIth a final slam the door fell out, and from the factory stepped a nightmare.

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