VF was running through the ruins of the BCC building. After the Mods violent attack on it all hope had been lost. All who stood up to them had vanished. VF had received a message from Gaz. All he knew was to come to the breakroom.

VF burst into the room. There was Gaz, surveying the destruction the Mods had caused to the area. Their helicopters still searched for any insurrectionists that might return to the BCC.

"Gaz."VF said.

"Hello VF."Gaz replied. "I need your help."

"For what?"

"To get the gang back together of course."

The Next Day...

VF had been running around town delivering the notes to the BCC writers. It was tough to avoid the Mods. Their eye's and ears were everywhere. They had the whole population of LMB City fooled.

VF had finaly made it. He entered the BCC basement and there was Jolego, Mace, MaceD, Gold, and Botven. YJF ran in behind VF.

"How did you get here!?"VF asked.

"YJF I found a note on my front porch. It was from Keplers."YJF replied.

"Hmm. Well as you know the Mods have started cracking down on the resistance. They got iHunt and now with the disappearance of Keplers we have to assume they got him to. But I have received order from Gaz. Instructions to take you all to another place free from the rule of the Mods. But we have to act fast. If the Mods get word of what we are doing then we will never escape their rule."

Inside Mod-Tower...

"You know why we have hired you?"WA said.

"Yes."Replied the Mods guest. "You want we to track down and capture the Writers."

"Correct."MKM replied. "Will you accept our offer LM?"

"Absolutely."LM grinned.

To Be Continued...

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