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    • Our story begins with Mini-Lewa, Judge Nuju, Berix, and Tawara walking into a bar...
    • Mini-Lewa: OW! That hurt!
    • Tawara: How the flip did the physical representation of the word "bar" get ahead of us, anyway?
    • Bar: Sorry.
    • Once the word "bar" moved out of their way, Mini-Lewa opened the door to a bar and proceeded to walk inside, shortly followed by his companions.
    • Mini-Lewa: Well, here we are! The BCC bar!
    • Judge Nuju: Ah don't like it.
    • Berix: Sugah?
    • Mini-Lewa: Yes, I'm sure there's sugar here.
    • And it's around that point when a random minifig approached them. This is Mister Gold. He's that golden Minifig from the Minifigures series. He's a greedy businessman who had noticed that the BCC had gotten popular recently, along with animatronics in pizzarias.…
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    Me: Come on, DexNav, find me a Pelliper with a Lucky Egg...

    DexNav: There appears to be a Pokémon hidden somewhere...

    Me: YES! Come on, hit the gold-*gets close to the Pelliper*, this has a high level, 3 Max IVs, a hidden ability, and an egg move...but no Lucky Egg. Not what I'm looking for...but I'm going to catch it anyway.

    • One Battle Later*

    Me: Yes! I caught it! Now...what to do with it...*remembers something* Wait...*gets into business suit* I think I could get something out of this...

    • Later*

    Me: Now, off you go, Pelliper! *sends into GTS* That's sure to get me a level 1 Rotom for sure! But, just in case...let's see the market for Rotoms...


    Me: ...Okay, not that desperate…

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    So, you know Evie? And you know Cleverbot?'s something interesting about lets you start the conversation. Evie starts the conversation rather then you when you go to Existor. So...I basically had these two AI's have a conversation by copy-pasting Evie's start of the conversation, pasting it into Cleverbot, copy-pasted Cleverbot's response into Evie, and so on and so forth.

    Evie: Hi, where are you from?

    Cleverbot: Germany, you?

    Evie: Germany you.

    CB: Hungary.

    Evie: Hungary loves prussia.

    CB: No Hungary does not love Prussia.

    Evie: No. Hungari don't like Russia.

    CB: I don't like anime too e.e.

    Evie: Why don't you like anime?

    CB: It's stupid and boring.

    Evie: Because of what.

    CB: Because I don't want to talk about it.

    Evie: We a…

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    Scene 1: The Question

    (The scene starts out in a normal setting, with Leo and someone else just minding their own buisness, when The Answer walks up to them.)

    The Answer: Hey, guys, there's this one thing that's been on my mind...

    Leo: Well, what would that be?

    TA: How come, aside from LEGO Characters, we've never actually featured any characters from other franchises?

    Leo: Glad you asked! See, we actually did have an idea like that once...

    Scene 2: Flashback

    (The background changes. Leo slams some papers onto a desk.)

    Leo: Alright, I think it's time.

    (Cut to LQ)

    LQ: For what, exactly?

    Leo: For us to feature...a non-BIONICLE character.

    (Dramatic music plays while switching between Leo and LQ)

    LQ: Wait, what!?! No way.

    (Mini-Lewa suddenly rides into the …

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    April 16, 2015 by Goldeaglefire

    You know how I occasionally bring up a little project I call Biodachi Life occasionally? Well, BEHOLD, ACTUAL PHOTOS OF IT! :D

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