Scene 1: Mini-Lewa Gets The Job

[The scene opens with a shot of a house. It then cuts to inside the house, where Mini-Lewa is reading a newspaper in a chair.]

Mini-Lewa: Let's, jobs, jobs...ah, here we go! Hmmm...Lhii's Pizza needs guard to watch the night. Yeah, I'll go with it! This should help pay off that dept I owe Vezon...

Scene 2: Flashback

[This scene opens with Vezon gaping at some destroyed wreckage. Mini-Lewa is behind him, holding a bazooka.]


M-L: Uh...oops?

Scene 3: Into the Resturant

[The camera zooms out. The focus is a dark resturant that is briefly highlighted by a flash of lightning. Mini-Lewa enters the building.]

M-L: Do do do do do do do, do do do do...

[Mini-Lewa keeps on walking, going past a show stage where there are some animatronic rahi. Well...for a few seconds that is, until he backtracks to see the animatronics.]

M-L: Woah...the animatronics! The stars of the show!

[Mini-Lewa goes onto the stage. On there are an animatronic crab, an animatronic bird, and an animatronic bear.]

M-L: Now, what did the boss call you guys...oh, right! Carry the Ussal Crab, Pressure the Dikapi, and the main star, Ashey the Ash Bear! Well, you guys are too cool to be wrecked by some teenagers. Luckily you have the most awesome night guard ever to watch you guys. Well, time to get to work!

[Mini-Lewa leaves the stage, whistling, unaware that the animatronic's eyes are following him as he enters his office.]

Scene 4: Who Needs Advice?

[Mini-Lewa is now reclining in a chair. His office is dimly lit, with a phone on a desk, along with a fan, cupcake, and poster of the animatronics. The phone rings, and Mini-Lewa picks it up.]

M-L: Uh, hello?

Phone: Hello? Hello, hello? Er, I wanted to record a message for you, to help you get settled in on the first night. 

M-L: Wait, WHAT!?! I don't need advice for the easiest job in the world! MUUUUUUUUUUUTE!

[Mini-Lewa then mutes the recorded message.]

Scene 5: 1 AM

[Mini-Lewa spins around in his chair, bored.]

M-L: BoredboredboredboredBOOOOOOOORED! Ugh, you know, I think I'll check the cameras, just for the sake of something to do. There's probably nothing wro-

[The camera shows the tablet screen. Carry is missing from the show stage.]


[Mini-Lewa begins checking the cameras rapidly.]

M-L: WHERE ARE YOU, WHERE ARE YOU, WHERE ARE YOU!?! Oh, if some teenagers stole you, I swear I'll-what the heck?

[The camera cuts to the West Hall. Carry has both of his legs in a split and is heading towards the office while he has his claws pointing up and clicking them.]

Carry: Click click click click clickity clack clack, clack clack clack clack clakity click click...

[Carry then pokes his head into the office.]


[Mini-Lewa then slams the blast door on him.]

M-L: Sorry, no fan service. Now, let's check the cameras agai-OH, GREAT, PRESSURE'S GONE TOO!

[The camera cuts to the East Hall, where Pressure is doing the chicken dance in order to get to the office.]


[Pressure then appears in the office window.]

Pressure: BA-KAW-

[Mini-Lewa cuts her off by slamming the door.]

M-L: I SAID, NO FAN SERVICE!  Ugh, if you guys are going to be stalkers, I won't let any animatronics in here!

Scene 6: Where the Hound and Bear Roam

To Be Written...

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