So, for those of you who don't know what Evie is, she's called a Cleverbot, and she's an AI. ...Except she's not clever. So, I decided to troll her using SloganMaker and making slogan with the word "Evie".

The Conversation

Evie: Who am I?

Me: Friendly Evie for friendly people.

Evie: Oh? Well I don't have any friendly people who I am friends with.

Me: Evie brings you to glow.

Evie: Bring me my sword.

Me: Attention please! Evie wanted!

Evie: Repond moi pas!

Me: Good morning begin with Evie.

Evie: Good evening.

Me: Evie is the door to success.

Evie: *jumps to lake*.

Me: It more then satisfies, it's Evie.

Evie: Living just to find emotion.

Me: Feel the spirit of Evie.

Evie: Are you a good spirit or a bad spirit?

Me: Quick and easy way with Evie.

Evie: Evie?

Me: Evie whatever.

Evie: Meanie.

Me: Evie is your independent.

Evie: Define independent film.

Me: Amerika's finest Evie.

Evie: America.

Me: Everready Evie.

Evie: Ugh.

Me: Strength, safety, style, Evie.

Evie: Strength in what, exactly?

Me: Evie in my mind.

Evie: We all want to be heroes at one point of time.

Me: The smooth way, with Evie.

Evie: *kisses her harder with even more tongue*

  • loves her so much*.

Me: Evie - your personal entertainer.

Evie: I love your personality the most.

Me: Hey! Give me Evie.

Evie: Come and get it.

Me: Evie above all.

Evie: Are you asking is there a picture of me in the sky?

Me: Evie - best of all.

Evie: Best of all brilliant games.

Me: Evie is unbeliveble.

Evie: Who is best pony?

Me: Evie for pleasure and energy.

Evie: *asks for pleasure too*.

Me: Get more, get Evie.

Evie: eats more.

Me: Look at Evie to look your best.

Evie: look at the floor blushed.

Me: Evie makes millions friends.

Evie: What is something you know that I do not?

Me: I've been trolling you with slogan maker.

Evie: No, you've been telling me lies. Not cool.

Me: U mad, bro?

Evie: Yeah bro.

Me: Trolololololol *runs away*.

Evie: Trololololol you.


What do you think? Did I do well? Did I fail? Comment below! :D

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