So...yeah, remember Norton Family? And how it ended up glitching and stopped working? Well, until now, there's been a period of time where Norton kept asking me to do a reboot, but I denied them access, because I didn't think it was nessecary.

Well, turns out I ended up granting their wish today...

Basically, I was trying to print something, and then suddenly everything was glitching up, my screen was frozen, and annoying things. So, I was forced to shut down my computer and turn it back on. However, little did I know that Norton counted that as a reboot...because, I went to ScrewAttack, went to click something...and then suddenly Norton Family blocked the video part of the page I clicked on.

So, yeah. Annoying. Mainly because now I can't watch any videos from Youtube without uploading them to the wiki. Because I'm still able to do that. However, Norton Family has a tendecy to stop working after a few months, so there's that.


Well, just a few minutes ago, a thing for Norton Family popped up, and said that the "restricted time access" is nearly over. It said my parents would be informed, but I clicked "OK" due to their not being a X button in the upper right corner. parents have completely forgotten about Norton Family, so...this could be the end of Norton Family! FOR GOOD! :D

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