"Actually...It was just yours, really. You only made people go off-topic by ticking them off, so they started complaining, which was off topic, so you closed it without taking responsibility for it.

And Cappybear, yes, I forgive you. Besides, recently I've been sleep-blowing-up-dumpsters, so I need less reasons to do so.:P"

- Gold

"Hi goldeaglefire,

I would just say that each person can only take responsibility for their own actions. Although users may have been unhappy with my warnings, I did not force them to post off topic comments. I don't like locking topics. I'd prefer to never have to actually. Unfortunately, when my warnings are not acted upon topics must be locked.

I hope that moving forward any of those users you mention as having been "ticked off" can take my advice rather than respond negatively to it." -WA

"Except it is your fault. Indirectly. And also accidentally. Allow me to explain:

Now, you moderate all the posts on the MBs, right? This includes the ones that complain about you. Now, think about it. They usually result AFTER you've given a warning. More importantly, after you've given a warning in a topic that's done nothing wrong. Not to mention, the complaints usually don't involve LEGO. They mainly involve complaining about the Mods.

So, let's go back to when Cappybear first commented (Which was 2 days or somethin' after Mal posted Malurus Plays Minecraft), shall we? You gave us a warning about how we had to be more on topic. We complained about it, and then you said that WE ONLY HAD TO INCLUDE BIONICLE IN IT TO BE ON-TOPIC. So we did. When you came with the warning, we weren't doing anything wrong; We were on-topic by YOUR STANDARDS.

So, with that in mind: We weren't doing anything wrong + You warning us despite there being no need to = Off-Topic Complaints = You locking the topic. T_T

Seriously, you should have figured that equation out SOONER. But, that's where the accidental part kicks in: You didn't. So you did your actions by accident. Hey, we all make mistakes.:P" - Gold

So far, WA has not responded. I think she fears a riot because my post makes sence.

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