Scene 1: The Question

(The scene starts out in a normal setting, with Leo and someone else just minding their own buisness, when The Answer walks up to them.)

The Answer: Hey, guys, there's this one thing that's been on my mind...

Leo: Well, what would that be?

TA: How come, aside from LEGO Characters, we've never actually featured any characters from other franchises?

Leo: Glad you asked! See, we actually did have an idea like that once...

Scene 2: Flashback

(The background changes. Leo slams some papers onto a desk.)

Leo: Alright, I think it's time.

(Cut to LQ)

LQ: For what, exactly?

Leo: For us to feature...a non-BIONICLE character.

(Dramatic music plays while switching between Leo and LQ)

LQ: Wait, what!?! No way.

(Mini-Lewa suddenly rides into the scene from LQ's side on a skateboard.)

Mini-Lewa: Besides, we have no idea how the fans will react.

LQ: Um, how did you get here?

Mini-Lewa: Plot convience truck.

(Mini-Lewa points to something off-stage. It cuts briefly to a picture of a red truck with the words "PLOT CONVIENCE" on the trailer before returning to the scene at hand.)

LQ: ...OK then.

Leo: Look, guys, I think we can trust our fans not to over-react to something.

LQ: Yeah, you're right. We should have more faith in our fans. Let's go for it.

Mini-Lewa: OK, that's nice and all, but I think there's a crucial part to your plan you've forgotten...

Leo: What?

M-L: How you're going to figure out which character from which fandom will cause the least disruption.

(Cut to Leo in a thinking pose while elevator music plays)

???: Don't worry, guys, I got you covered.

(A blue car-like Moc suddenly drives in from the left. It swerves a bit, before stopping, revealing a vezon head replacing the bumper.)

Blue-Vezon: So, what's your problem?

Scene 3: The Rift

Leo: Oh, hey, Blue-Vezon!

LQ: Would it be inconvient for you to...I don't us out with finding a character from another franchise that won't make people freak out?

Blue-Vezon: Not at all! I've set myself to travel to popular franchises with a fairly large fanbase. Hop in!

(LQ and Leo get in. The scene suddenly shifts into what one would assume with time-travel/dimension-jumping, then ends up turning into a dark-blue background with stars in the sky and lots of doors.)

Leo: Oh, wow...where are we?

Blue-Vezon: I don't know...someplace called "The Rift"...

(Cut to a monitor saying The Rift on it. Then return to the scene at hand).

LQ: Hey, I wonder what this door opens to...

(LQ gets out of the car and walks towards a door. He opens it, and suddenly loud rock music starts playing)



Off-screen Person 1: BLAAAAAAAAAARGH!

Off-screen Person 2: BLAAAAAAAAAARGH!

(LQ then closes the door quickly, stopping the music.)

LQ: OK...guys? I think we're going to have to refrain from even touching this franchise.

Leo: Because it'll spawn massive flame wars like the one you just heard?

LQ: Yeah~...

(LQ gets back in.)

Scene 4: The Afterlife

To be Written

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