Basicially, found a thing on DeviantArt, thought it might be cool to do, let's get to the chase!


1.) Pick nine characters

2.) Put the names in at

3.) Fill in the format with the results!

Ready, set, go!

1.) The one who suggests the creepy house is safe

Result: Keps


2.) The one who trips while running through the woods

Result: LQ


3.) First one to go missing

Result: Mace


4.) First one to go insane

Result: Chris


5.) Is murdered when saving you

Result: SW


6.) Has your back no matter what

Result: Bioniclefan1


7.) Survives by playing dead

Result: Mal

Well played, Mal, well played.

8.) Has a solid survival plan that no one listens to

Result: Other Mace


9.) The true murderer

Result: Gold

Well...uh...Karz, how the flip do I make a joke involving me being a Brony out of this...

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