So, I've made a topic called the USL Foundation. (derp)

For those of you who can't tell, it's a crossover between Bionicle and the SCP Foundation. If you don't know what the SCP Foundation is...look it up. You will not regret it(unless you aren't a fan of certain horror-related subjects, in which case you might want to stick to stuff like the Never-Ending Pizza Box and the Tickle Monster).

So, anyway, I have a few ideas on what to do next, but I don't know what to choose. So, here are the ideas I have:

"Who Ate All the Pies?" (basically, an area where, if the question "who ate all the pies" is asked, beings inside said area will basically go into a Phoenix Wright-like court case about who ate all the pies)

Artifical Makuta (a bunch of beings who appear to be normal, but their insides are actually antidermis, and whatever powers they had are now replaced with Makuta Powers)

The Mask Maker (Ekimu, except now he can pretty much create any mask for any purpose. Kinda like a guy with the powers of a Mask of Conjuring)

Healing Rahi (Keetongu's species. So, yeah, I'm basicially saying that Keetongu was an escaped USL subject. (derp))

Mask of Life (do I even need to explain this? I mean, between the mutations and setting up more conflict between the USL and the Order of Mata Nui, it's kinda an obvious choice)

The Guy (The Guy from The Bar, except now he can make people annoyed just by being in his presence, he can cause people to explode if they've been exposed to him long enough, and the USL haven't found a way to kill him yet)

So, which one should I do next?

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