• Gresh113

    Piraka Scouts

    September 10, 2015 by Gresh113

    Piraka Scouts!

    Hakkan: Hello, we are the Piraka scouts, and we're running a food drive. Would you like to donate some food?

    Thok: It's for a good cause!

    Tahu: You guys look familiar.

    Hakkan: No idea why.

    Thok: So, you donating?

    Tahu: Sure, I have some stuff in my basement. *Gets food* Here you go.

    Thok: Thanks!

    Reidak: I'm starving, when do we eat?

    Zaktann: We can't, now that these two just blew up our stove.

    Reidak: This is going terrible. By the way, what were those grey bundles over there for?

    Zaktann: Those are our packs. Why do you ask?

    Reidak: Oh. I thought they were junk, and I threw them in the lake.

    Zaktann NO tents, no packs, no stove, and it's raining. How could it get any worse?!

    Vezok: Mini Lewa could be here.

    Mini Lewa: Hi guys!

    Zaktann: NOO…

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  • Gresh113

    Today We have...

    August 27, 2015 by Gresh113

    This is just a short comedy sketch I wrote, inspired by the amazing work of the BCC.

    Gresh113: Hello, everyone. Today's comedey will be-

    Mini Lewa: Hi Guys!

    Gresh113: What are you doing here?!

    Mini Lewa: I'm here to help you write your comedy! I heard you didn't have any ideas, so I thought I could provide assistance.

    Gresh113: I don't neeed your help. You always mess everything up!

    Mini Lewa: Too bad. *Blasts Gresh113 off stage*

    Mini Lewa: For my first act as new manager, I will be interviewing the Nameless Text

    .*Two chairs magically appear, and Mini Lewa sits down in one, his feet danagling high above the floor* Mini Lewa: So, what is your name?

    Nameless Text: I am the Nameless Text

    Mini Lewa: And what do you do for a living?

    Nameless Text: I rand…

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