Piraka Scouts!

Hakkan: Hello, we are the Piraka scouts, and we're running a food drive. Would you like to donate some food?

Thok: It's for a good cause!

Tahu: You guys look familiar.

Hakkan: No idea why.

Thok: So, you donating?

Tahu: Sure, I have some stuff in my basement. *Gets food* Here you go.

Thok: Thanks!

*Piraka go to next house*

Thok: Hello, we are the piraka scouts, and wer are running a food dri-

Judge Nuju: Shut Up, ya jerks! *slams door*

Hakkan: What a nice person. *Blast down door, and steals all Nuju's food* *Piraka go to next house*

Hakkan: Hello, we are the Piraka scouts, and we're running a food drive. Would you like to donate some food?

Butaka: Okay, I- Hey, wait aren't you those scumbags who tricked me on Voya Nui?

Hakkan: Nope

Thok: Totally not

Brutaka: You are! *Chases them all around the town*

*Piraka escape Brutaka, and arive back at the Piraka HQ*

Hakkan: We're back!

Thok: And look at all the food we got!

Zakktan: Good. All is going acording to plan.

Vezok: Let's dig in!

Reidak: Wait, aren't we going to give this to poor people who need it?

Zakktan: No, you idiot, we're keeping it for ourselves!

Mini-Lewa: Hi guys!

Zakktan: Oh, no.

Mini-Lewa: Look what I found! *Holds up giant cannon*

Avak: Wait! That's not finishet ye-

Mini-Lewa: *Destroys building with cannon*

Disclaimer: Neither Gresh113, Brutaka, Tahu, or any of their affiliated asociates endorses swindiling people out of food or destroying buildings in any way, shape or form.

Vezok: Why are we hiking up this mountain?

Zaktann: Because our campsite is at the top.

Vezok: Campsite?

Zaktann: Yeah, we're camping out there tonight

Vezok: We are!?

Zaktann: *facepalm*

Vezok: Why didn't anyone tell me?

Zaktann: You probably just were'nt listening, idiot. Why did you think we were hiking here?

Vezok: That's what I was asking you!

Later, at the campsite...

Thok: Hey, Zaktann, where's the tent?

Zaktann: I thought Reidak had it.

Avak: Don't look at me, I thought Vezok had it.

Vezok: I didn't even know we were camping!

Zaktann: Oh great, we don't have any tents. Well, at least it's not raining.

*Thunder booms, and it begins to downpour*

Zaktann: Figures

Avak: Hey, Hakkan, can you help me get this stove lit?

Hakkan: Why do you think I can help?

Avak: Well, you're the Fire guy.

Hakkan: You're the tech guy!

Avak: Only weapons, not normal stuff, it's too complicated.

Hakkan: Ok, I think you do this, and-- No, that didn't work, maybe this?

Avak: I think maybe this?

*BOOM! The stove explodes*

Reidak: I'm starving, when do we eat?

Zaktann: We can't, now that these two just blew up our stove.

Reidak: This is going terrible. By the way, what were those grey bundles over there for?

Zaktann: Those are our packs. Why do you ask?

Reidak: Oh. I thought they were junk, and I threw them in the lake.

Zaktann NO tents, no packs, no stove, and it's raining. How could it get any worse?!

Vezok: Mini Lewa could be here.

Mini Lewa: Hi guys!


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