aka Kepler S.

  • I live in a state of mind that pretends to me it's Germany.
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is not doing anything here anymore.
  • I am not doing anything here anymore.
  • Keplers

    The Dark Lord of the Sith gazed out of the bridge viewport of his flagship, the Exactor. It was among the first of the new Imperial-class Star Destroyers to be produced, and was assigned to him to carry out the mission of exterminating the Jedi. Its power would soon become feared.

    As Vader stared into the mesmerizing streaks of hyperspace that rushed past the ship, he thought about how he would face his target. Most Jedi were quick, agile. The burnt and maimed body of Anakin Skywalker, supported by a bulky, awkward life-support suit, could not possibly perform the stunts his foes could. The only way he could defeat Jedi, he saw, would be to go on the defensive; parrying their attacks and catching them in a vital, split-second mistake that wou…

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  • Keplers

    The green-armored Mandalorian leant slightly to the left, peering around the side of the animal-skin tent. The sentries didn't notice him. He turned and circled around the other way, sneaking his way behind the village chieftain's large home tent. He repeated his action of looking around the side, this time with his blaster rifle set to stun and silenced. He fired two perfect shots at the guards, and they fell limply to the side, resting on their spears.

    "Wow," a young boy of about eleven whispered. He was crouching behind one of the huts, watching the mercenary from Concord Dawn doing his job. His fingers dug into the red clay. I'm gonna get bounties like that, too. He stood up and ran to closer cover.

    The Mandalorian pushed back the tent fla…

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  • Keplers

    "Mando'ad," the woman began, speaking softly to the young girl on her lap. She could not have been more than four, but she was already taking after her parents, waving a toy blaster pistol and aiming for the pretend enemies out the kitchen window. "The word stands for any Mandalorian: anyone who lives by our culture, wears our armor, and is worthy of our name – Mandalorian." The girl stopped to pay attention after a flick on the ear. "It is such a short word, so easy to say, but it means much to us. It means–" the girl's mother paused, for dramatic effect – " 'daughter of Mandalore'."

    The girl smiled up at her mother and giggled. She couln't help but smile, watching her daugher go back to firing the wooden blaster her father had made, addin…

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  • Keplers

    So You Have a Question

    June 20, 2014 by Keplers

    I got emailed by the mods today. You'll like the news:

    Hi Keplers,


    We’re just reaching out to you because we know that you’re a good representative for the frustrations in the Bionicle forum and also someone we can converse with sensibly! J [sic] We also trust and respect your opinion.


    Although we understand you guys and your frustrations re: the BCC, we obviously honestly did feel like it was mainly off topic and problematic (with the giving away IDs stuff). So, we just want to hear from you as to what it is about the BCC original that can’t now be continued in the BCC2? Is it mainly a symbolic thing for you guys to keep the old BCC going because it was so long standing or is there something within its confines, maybe in the last few pages…

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  • Keplers

    Let's start with the goofballs, we all need a laugh in.

    Suggestions? Comments? That's what the white box below is for.

    Yes, this is only half-finished. I know. We'll end up including the whole BCC and more.

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