"Mando'ad," the woman began, speaking softly to the young girl on her lap. She could not have been more than four, but she was already taking after her parents, waving a toy blaster pistol and aiming for the pretend enemies out the kitchen window. "The word stands for any Mandalorian: anyone who lives by our culture, wears our armor, and is worthy of our name – Mandalorian." The girl stopped to pay attention after a flick on the ear. "It is such a short word, so easy to say, but it means much to us. It means–" the girl's mother paused, for dramatic effect – " 'daughter of Mandalore'."

The girl smiled up at her mother and giggled. She couln't help but smile, watching her daugher go back to firing the wooden blaster her father had made, adding her own sound effects. Though her attention was clearly diverted her mother contnued on.

"Mando'ade: Just one 'e', and the word means so much more. It refers not to a single person of the Mandalorian culture, but our way of life itself; the word "Mando'ade" stands for all Mandalorians who ever lived and died, since the days of the Taung. The Mando'ade are the people. Without the Mando'ade, there is no Mandalore."

Her daugher continued shooting out the window, scoring perfect shots at the invisible enemies of the Revanchist. Someday, she would repeat these words to her children, but today, she was content to ignore the lesson and play war.

So, this is a short introduction to the Mandalorian story/ies I'm writing. As the title implies, this is actually a collection of short stories that are each perfectly readable as stand-alone works, but are all set around a specific clan of Mandalorians, spanning from the Old Republic all the way past the Legacy Era of 137 ABY (which, for those who don't know, is the furthest in time Star Wars has gotten).

Hope you enjoy!

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