I saw Botven's post. I admired it. I decided I would fight back, too. The following is submitted to TTTM:

I have a question for you. It isn't about my account. It's about an entire forum. At least three others have talked to you. Oh, and I'm not offending anyone except you, so don't reject this unless your ego's so big that it hurts to have one tiny user out of millions say something bad about you.

You censor and rejected wantonly. You avoid answering the question. You pick on the weak because you are in a position of power and there is nothing they can do to defend themselves from it. You reject good posts from good people but let through "dam," "f---," and more on a regular basis from users with a bad reputation. It disgusts me.

Furthermore – and this would make me beat any sniveling wretch to the floor – you push down our God and offend His followers. So as "not to offend" people, you offend the largest religious group on the MBs. You make no sense.

I've asked around. No one's offended by the name of god. Almost everyone I ask is offended by this ridiculous non-capitalization and illogical excuse for it.

I was ashamed of your actions before. Your actions in the past month have grown my feelings to hatred. I should forgive you, as God forgives. But I will forgive you after I defend my faith and make this micropersecution public.

Look at this demented statement:

"…there is no god that can claim the official title god."

THIS is called not offending people? What on Earth were you thinking when you wrote that? You thought there's be no lashback, didn't you? You thought we'd be good little users that did as we were told, and would run off a cliff like lemmings if commanded.

Well I'm not a lemming.

And I will not be persecuted by utter pond scum, growing and culminating while no one makes moves to clean it up.

So, that was the intro. This is the question:

Why? Why do you do this? Is it for pleasure? Do you honestly believe your cause is right? Were you told to think like this or have you always? I just want reasons. And if the reasons fit, I won't complain.

I have since been permanently banned.

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