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  • I live in ...well... theoretically I would live in Bo-Wahi, being a Toa of Plantlife, but there is no such thing. I am currently stationed in Le-Koro, where I picked up a bit of Treespeak from the locals.
  • I was born on January 15
  • My occupation is You name it. Fan of Tokusatsu, Bionicle, Ranger's Apprentice, Undertale, and more.
  • I am wondering vaguely what this has to do with anything.
  • Klenda N. Valtapaz

    “Who are you? What are you?!” Kopaka demanded; he was one of the only ones who hadn't momentarily lost their voice. His Ice Spear crackled with crystalline energy, prepared to attack.

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  • Klenda N. Valtapaz

    Ternian heard the other Toa finish speaking and sensed them start toward her. She got to her feet slowly, turning to face them. She mentally braced herself for the questions that she knew they had.

    “You already know what we have come to ask.” Gali phrased it as a statement, but her tone made it a question.

    Ternian nodded. “You want to know who I am. Other than my title, you know little of me, saving that I seem to enjoy skulking in shadows.” She gave what seemed to be a hint of a wry smile. “I assure you, this is not usually the case. I will tell you—what I can—about who I am. And I will explain what you need to know.”


    After the Makuta/Ekimu mask event, but before the Puwere – the Skull Spiders – came, the great spirit Mata Nui knew…

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  • Klenda N. Valtapaz

    Tahu gave the other Toa Koto a look that told them exactly what he thought. But before he could say anything, Gali intervened. “We would like to discuss this for a moment,” she said, sending a silent prayer to Mata Nui that Tahu would hold his tongue for once in his life. “It is very strange, simply happening upon another Toa in this way.”

    Ternian nodded, comprehending. She knew how this probably looked; a strange being popping up out of nowhere, claiming to be a Toa of an unfamiliar element, and and who introduced herself by sneaking up on them... which, she mentally berated herself, was probably not the wisest move in history. “I understand,” she said aloud. “I would also like to think for a while. It's been so long since I've seen the sun or…

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  • Klenda N. Valtapaz

    Gali looked up as Onua and Lewa arrived. “Brothers! I'm glad you could make it. Are your villages well?”

    Both replied that they were, and inquired in kind. She said that hers was also doing fine.

    “They are rebuilding well,” she added, “and since the Skull Spiders are no longer a problem, it's not going to be long before the Ga-Matoran have completely recovered, and will resume their normal work.” She smiled at the thought of her village, complete as it had been before she had arrived; she had never seen Ga-Koto complete, and could hardly wait to see it for the first time.

    She turned back to Tahu, who was having a friendly argument with Pohatu about who had destroyed the most Skull Spiders that day; recently, after a lighthearted dare from Tah…

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  • Klenda N. Valtapaz

    The boulders that had blocked the entrance to the cavern for years were blasted out of the way by a powerful right fist. The masked face of Onua, Toa of Earth, peered into the darkness.

    “Not exactly homey, but not bad as caves go,” he chuckled. He looked around the cave; it was far too dark for most beings to see in, but Onua's eyes were not like those of most beings. He had spent most of his life—as far as he could remember, at least—in darkness, and his green-gold eyes pierced the inky blackness, seeing as well as most could see in daylight.

    “Not that there's much to see,” he commented. “it's dry, I'll give it that. And there looks like there's a tunnel there, near the back. If it goes in the right direction, I might have the basis for a p…

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