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  • LQ1998

    Last night I completed the fourth addition to the Ace Attorney series, Apollo Justice. I've wanted to do some more video game reviews (that no one will read again) for a long time, I have some time on my hands so now seems like the best time. As always, not plot spoilers in this review.

    Let's get started. The biggest difference in this game from the original trilogy is obviously the change in protagonist. Phoenix Wright has stepped down from the Ace Attorney title to make way for Apollo. The change is jarring at first, as it doesn't really have the same feel as the last three. But the play style isn't really changed. 

    The first chapter in the game feels longer then it was in the first 3, which was welcome, as they always felt like short tuto…

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  • LQ1998

    LQ's MCU movie ranking

    August 4, 2015 by LQ1998

    (all wrote on notepad without internet, so spelling mistakes (especially in names) may be a thing, will edit when I have better internet.)

    I saw IGN do one of these, and there was so much I didn't agree with I wanted to make one of my own. Of course it goes without saying this is entirely based on my personal satisfaction with the movies, it is judged by no other standard. Also non-marvel movies and the TV shows don't count on this list.

    12.The Incredible Hulk

    This was just an overall bad movie. I didn't really enjoy any part of it. The plot was next to non-existent the characters were bland and uninteresting, and overall I just can't think of anything there is to enjoy in this movie. Even the action is unsatisfying.

    11.Iron Man 3

    I don't hate…

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  • LQ1998

    Random comedy

    July 11, 2015 by LQ1998
    • WHile doing it I'll finish my story
    • Vez reaches the factory where he works and here's about the recent death of an employee
    • said employee doesn't seem to have been well liked, comments being made about him "having tea with YJF" and such were being made.
    • Loud Speaker: Can Mr. Vez please report to Sir Keppy's office?
    • Vez: You wanted to see me sir?
    • Keppy: Yes sit down Mr. Vez
    • Vez: What is it sir?
    • Keppy: You remember my father?
    • Vez: Old Man Kepler? Yes I worked under him for several years before he passed.
    • Keppy: Before he died he warned me about someone who may try and destroy this business. As you're aware, Mr was murdered on the job last night.
    • Vez didn't really know anything about it, as he didn't really even remember working here until today. But h…
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  • LQ1998

    So recently I completed the original Ace Attorney Trilogy. I though I'd just pen down my thoughts to share with anyone interested :P.

    So going in to this game I had played and AA style game before... Kind of. I played Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright (Which I will talk about at a later date). I really liked to courtrooms scenes of that game and it introduced me to the characters very well, so I wanted to play the games Phoenix came from. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

    This is indeed a spoiler free blog post

    Game #1 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

    This was where it all started. I got used to the elements in the AA series that were different from the adapted PL vs. AA elements. The hardest parts to get used to was that they used a dif…

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  • LQ1998
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