I think September was a very good month for the BCC. We accomplished a lot, and had few problems. The podcast is running smoothly, though I wish we could get more people on it :P. We also now are on twitter! Overall, last month was very fun and we got a lot of cool things out of it.

Bionicle update

I won't spend long on this because you guys probably already know about it all :P.

Info we got: 

  • preliminary set pics
  • Final set pics
  • Some story info
  • mask of creation stuff
  • Most likely a reboot (from Greg)
  • More will be revieled at NYCC

Not sure if we will get more new info before NYCC or not. We'll see! I look forward to it!

Honorary member of the month

Something new I decided to start. I'm going to showcase a member who did a lot for the BCC in the previous month in every one of these updates.

That member this month is... 


He has done a great job keeping our YT channel going with great and funny videos. He's been a big help, the YT channel would be pretty empty without him. 


So I'll only be able to be in two more podcast before I'll be unable to attend for a while. But I expect it to keep going while I'm gone :P. Please everyone make an attempt to show up at podcast time and get a mic if you don't have one :P. Having 5-7 members on at once makes a really good podcast.

That's it for this month! I'm really glad where this palce is going! Let's all work to keep sailing smooth!

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