Wiki updates

Quite a bit has been updated on the wiki, incase you haven't been keeping up I'll do a quick recap here.

Chat rules have been updated:

New ban log policy (for CMs):

We went through a lot last month, hopefully things will go smoother in the future with these changes.


The hype train is not slowing down! It's going strong and we're getting a lot more infor. TTV has given us a lot of updates on this!

BIONICLE 2015 Updated Set Names - Protectors, Prices05:49

BIONICLE 2015 Updated Set Names - Protectors, Prices

BIONICLE 2015 Reveal at NYCC 2014?!19:16

BIONICLE 2015 Reveal at NYCC 2014?!

I look forward to seeing how this works out! 

Looking forward

So what should we be trying to do now? We have a lot to do still :P.


Well, our Youtube channel needs some attention. We need to try and get some more videos up more frequently. People aren't going to follow us if we don't have more stuff on the channel :P.


We need to get this podcast thing going :P. I've been working on an epic intro to it (still lacking some things because we need a logo to finish it). But we need the actual podcast. I haven't been too involved in the planning of it since I can't talk in it. But if anyone wants me to help organize it, I could always try and help!

Now we've been working towards getting our logo going. I've been forwarding our ideas to Grace and she has been awesome in doing everything we ask her too. Please comment on what you think the logo still needs!

Unity Duty Comedy, it starts with unity

With all that's happened I feel I should again restate it. We need to make sure above all we stick together. We must make that our first priority above all else we do. We're friends first, everything else second. As friends, we want to do the best we can to stick together and help our friends our whenever we can. Just remember that ;).

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