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  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is Ninja
  • I am Man
  • Mace3739

    The tale of J. J. Flop

    August 18, 2014 by Mace3739
    • Once upon a time...
    • There was a merc named J. J. Flop
    • He was never very good at his chosen profession, however.
    • He always seemed to terminate the wrong guy.
    • Everytime.
    • Once there was only him and his target on a planet.
    • J. J. fired his gun.
    • And killed another person entirely.
    • In another galaxy. 
    • Don't ask how, no one quite knows, as the laws of physics state it is impossible.
    • J. J. was doomed for unemployment, it seemed.
    • That or a new career, but he would never go for that.
    • One day he found himself sitting in the local bar, pondering why he couldn't seem to aim as well as was his right to aim.
    • When, as luck would have it, he was approached by someone who had need of his particular set of skills.
    • After all, he was never bad at killing, he just could neve…
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  • Mace3739

    Podcast talk

    July 18, 2014 by Mace3739

    Okay, so the Crew agrees, weekly podcasts sound fun. Now that the idea is there, time to shape it like a blacksmith on a mission. :P  

    3:45 Mountain time: SW

    Any time that works: Mace

    3:45 Central time: Kep

    Possibly around 2-6 central, but I'm not sure: Gaz

    Bring your notes and brush your teeth: SW 

    The first topic is, naturaly, the potential return of Bionicle and the many questions that raises for our future. If you have any other subjects to suggest, leave a comment below. 

    So, now how should we start this video? What should our oppening phrase be? Something like "Welcome to Bionicle Comedy Central podcast, where we discuss all things Bionicle and humours, and pretty much veer off topic!" *And then the crew all introduce themselves with their …

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