• Once upon a time...
  • There was a merc named J. J. Flop
  • He was never very good at his chosen profession, however.
  • He always seemed to terminate the wrong guy.
  • Everytime.
  • Once there was only him and his target on a planet.
  • J. J. fired his gun.
  • And killed another person entirely.
  • In another galaxy. 
  • Don't ask how, no one quite knows, as the laws of physics state it is impossible.
  • J. J. was doomed for unemployment, it seemed.
  • That or a new career, but he would never go for that.
  • One day he found himself sitting in the local bar, pondering why he couldn't seem to aim as well as was his right to aim.
  • When, as luck would have it, he was approached by someone who had need of his particular set of skills.
  • After all, he was never bad at killing, he just could never hit his targets.
  • He was sent to a far off planet, with orders to kill a single member of an alien race.
  • His employer was hoping he would miss his shots, and end up wiping out that settlement.
  • So he sent J. J. Flop to the planet, and watched from galaxies away as he fired two shots at the target.
  • One hit the employer, and the other ended J. J. Flop.
  • J. J.'s friends wondered how a former general/representative/senator could go so wrong.
  • And why he changed his name from Binks to Flop.
  • The moral of our story?
  • Take that 9 to 11 job, the mercenary life is probably not for you.
  • The End...

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