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Alor'aan Alor'ad
  • I live in Life.
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is Being worthless, I'm quite good at it.
  • I am Nothing.
  • Malurus2000

    BCChristmas Carol 6!

    December 26, 2016 by Malurus2000

    While YJF gasped for air, he... He was no longer in the dirt in the ground! He was in his bed! He yelped with joy, and he came out of his bed and opened his windows. He saw a small child there. "You there, boy, what day is it?"

    "Today, sir?" The small boy asked.

    "Yes, today!" YJF smiled.

    "Why, Christmas day, of course!" The boy yelled up back at the window.

    "The spirits did it all in one night!..." YJF exclaimed. "... Wait a minute! It was all a dream, right? They admitted that much."

    "What?" The boy seemed confused.

    "That's right!... If it was all a dream, then..." YJF sneered. "Then none of it happened! I won't die! No one has a good Christmas! Christmas, yes, Christmas, hear that, 'spirits'? Christmas, is a humbug! Bah, humbug! Christmas is a…

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  • Malurus2000

    BCChristmas Carol 5!

    December 14, 2016 by Malurus2000

    So YJF stood there. And stood there. And stood there. He stood there for about a year and eight months. So while he's standing here, why don't you read up on the series again? (After all, mind you, it's been a year and eight months.)

    "Do I really have to go and see that little piece of filth?" He said to himself.  He moaned and rolled his eyes. (You ought to, says I, if my opinion matters.) "But I get to do it in my own due time! Besides, we all know that it'll teleport him back to where he was. This is like a dream, where time just seems to take hours, but it's really minutes. Just because in his mind he's spent another two years or so here doesn't mean that he really did." He fussed a bit. But you know that we need to get on with the stor…

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  • Malurus2000

    Last time, on Revival...

    Mini Lewa: I'm dying... And I'm pregnant.


    Butler: I get a line!

    • Seriously, guys? You're doing a recap on things that never happened?*

    C'mon, Narrator, live a little!... Fine, let's get back to looking for things here to salvage...

    ML: You mean people to rescue?

    Same difference.

    Butler: Why does everyone hate me?

    You were the villain in OUR comedy, and we're usually the villains, so that has to say something about your likability.

    Butler: It wasn't my fault that it's always the butler's fault.

    ML: Look, guys, it's a survivor!!!

    Oh my... Is that?...

    Butler: Is that Snoopy's alias?

    ?: No, Joe Cool ain't that Joe Cool, Joe Cool Joe Cool, man.

    ML: It's that guy who Mal tried to make popular who had that same nam…

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  • Malurus2000

    Revival: The Hope

    May 26, 2016 by Malurus2000

    Running. Of course, they were running. How cliche. The final moments of life hanging in the balance. Sweat plastered over their faces and clinging to their clothes, the last of them ran like wildfire. They were the lone survivors, the last of their kind. They panted as their pursuers relentlessly yet casually followed. Tormented and wanting rest, the few left over gasped and started sprawling on the floor, unable to move any more. Time had ran out...

    iHuntress: Why'd you stop, Nameless?

    Oh, it's just, y'know, I felt a great disturbance in the comedic force. Like thousands of comedies were made by the Writers, but suddenly they have been silenced.

    iHunt: ... What?

    Nevermind, then... Hmm, might as well check up with everyone else in the land of …

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  • Malurus2000

    Trump, Donald.

    May 7, 2016 by Malurus2000

    "Donald Trump Evil Incorporated!"

    *Breaks through door.*

    Trump: Ah, Hillary the Traitorpus! How totally unexpected... And by unexpected I mean TOTALLY EXPECTED! *Hits HUGE button which traps Hillary.*

    Hillary: *Feminist clatter.*

    Trump: Now, now, I know what you're thinking, what am I up to now? Well, I'll tell you, since the media wants to know. BEHOLD, MY WALL-INATOR! You see, it all started back when I was a child growing up in New York... Back then, I always was bullied by the Mexican children. But whenever I was on Wall Street, I felt safe, because, you know, there was a wall protecting me. But now that I turned a small loan of a million dollars into my Evil Inc., I've been bullied by the Mexican corporations! So, the Wall-inator will bui…

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