Let's face it: Is this REALLY an escape? The answer is simple: Yes and no. One part of this is an escape, truly, but another? It's a war, my friend. Now, let's take a look at it. All's going well for Cool Cop Cameron. Cameron here is riding in the boat around this abnormally small rock which they installed a high-tech security prsion, though, really, there's only two or three cells and one control station. But, it's where the worst convicts go to serve time. So, Cameron is riding around in his boat to race with Steve the Shark, his best pal, since Cameron is too cool to spend his time with humans. However, all is not well. Steve stops and points to the sky: It's a balloon. While Cameron is distracted by this sight, the only other two guards in this heavily-staffed, high-security prison are on alert. They're making sure their ONE convict doesn't escape. However, their convict has to go to the bathroom REALLY badly. So they let him go... Only to find out he literally stole the toilet and went down to the sewers where his buddy busted him out. They were in a hurry because they didn't want to meet their end. This was because the two criminals in the balloon were cultists, followers of Lhii, and were going to liberate the rock from the high-security prison. They had a giant balloon to crash into the island. Why? Because balloons are filled with gasses to float, and gasses are flammable and dangerously explosive. So, they were ready to destroy the security facility as the criminals are getting away, while Cameron is just sitting their in his car and the high staff of two cops are panicking that their most valuable three-man high-security prison may be blown up. It'd be a lot easier of they could, gee, I don't know, shoot it down with the guns they don't have. Somehow, the criminals also have loads of money. Maybe that's why this place was so valuable? I don't know. Anyways, will the cultists be able to achieve Lhii's ultimate destiny for them? Will Cameron just sit there? Will Steve eat humans alive, or will he eat their money? Tune in next time, same blog time, same blog channel! 

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