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    So this is my favorite personal idea for a video. I'm not a BCC member and I'd rather not start my own youtube channel, so it's going here. I will try my best to update it semi-regularly, but… Okay! Now that I bored you into the middle of a blizzard and back (or into Mal's blood stream[If he has blood{How do you stream blood anyway's?(Is it like internet streaming?[Does the internet even have blood to stream{What was I blabbing about again? Oh Yeah, Mahi-Toa!}])}]), It's time for the cheesy (*In bored subway guy voice* We have american, provolone, and pepper jack.) script for a commercial!

    • Screen goes dark*
    • dramatic music starts*
    • random images (incuding a close-up of a zit) flash quickly as nameless text uses a dramatic voice*

    “When Mata Nui n…

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